Kinda emergency!

I’ve been in English mode these days though i just had become a french beginner lol
It’s just because one day, a friend of mine from Indonesia told me that she’s gonna come to Japan only to visit Okinawa! So we set a meeting schedule (it falls on Valentines Day), I started practicing English from the day!

I remember the first meeting with her. You know, she spoke like a native speaker and I, usually had no opportunity to have an English conversation, was totally upset so I couldn’t pop up any words in my mind! Although she’s with a friend who teaches Japanese in Indo, we couldn’t have a descent conversation. There were seriously awkward silences. you’ll never imagine how weird the atmosphere was lol And yeah, I never forget how frustrating it is that i couldn’t say what i wanted to say.

THEREFORE, I need to get used to English more than ever. In fact, I CAN read or write English much better but when it comes to speaking and listening, my skills really suck. Now I’ve focused to practice listening and dictating. I seriously need to build up a system of creating English sentences in my brain because it’s said that “to react quickly” is important on talking. You have to be careful about the conversation rhythm. No time to be upset, of course lol

By the way, I’ve just finished to play a video game called “Life is Strange”. It’s really nice one since the graphic is great, protagonists look beautiful and music is brilliant. But the best thing of the game is that you can hear what ordinary American young people likely speak. The talks seems to be so real and casual. Especially I like to hear what they say when they care about friends, they try to show how they feel sorry, and also i like to hear how they respond.
And I really admire the voice of the main character Max. Her voice is soft, occasionally calm and low. Chloe’s voice is good too, so I enjoyed the game just to hear the voices.

Now her voice is a role model to me!

Okay it’s a holiday today, I have to get absorbed in English the whole day. HOPE to have a nice time with my friend this time :D